Frozen L.A. Casey

27930482There’s one must-have toy this Christmas, and Neala Clarke has told her niece Charli she’ll get it for her. Never mind that she’s got less than a week and it looks like everywhere is sold out. She’s promised Charli a Fire Princess doll—and Neala is a woman of her word.

Darcy Hart is a people-pleaser. So when his adorable six-year-old nephew, Dustin, asks for a particular doll at the last minute, he says yes. Luckily for Darcy, there’s one left in stock at the local toy store. Unluckily for Darcy, he’s not the only person who wants it—and his rival is the one woman who’s immune to his charms.

Neala and Darcy have loved to hate each other since they were kids, and they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to get that doll. This can’t possibly end well for both of them…can it?

Recived this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Sometimes life can be taken too seriously and sometime there is a need just too wrap yourself up in a book that you know is going to melt your heart, LA Casey delivered just that book in this because OMG, my sides were killing me by the time I finished I was laughing so much. Seriously this is very, very funny!

Neala is just a hoot! Someone I could completely relate to she could have been any number of my friends so funny but with just a touch of sass thrown in for good measure. Darcy well what is not to love about the man, he is smoking hot and despite the bravodo and attitude he shows to the world he has a loving and sensitive side hidden beneath his sexy exterior. But he does his utmost to keep it well hidden.

There is no love lost between this pair so it would seem because when they are within the same vicinity they are barely civil but dear lord their antics funny they has me giggling my arse off!! The whole book is a riot of practical jokes and innuendo not only from Neala and Darcy but also from there equally as hysterical familes there honestly is not let up!

This book does not allow you to just chuckle silently as the story unfolds, it will have you it fits of laughter. But you will have to take a breath every now and again because not the whole book will have you fits of giggles, it does has a fabulous story too and on a couple of occasions I found it very emotional. Neala has a lot going on in her life and you will feel for everything she goes through. A fabulous tale that brought a smile to my face and a snigger to my soul. Superb writing. I cant wait to read more of what L.A Casey has written



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