Dark Houses Helen H. Durrant



A young woman is found brutally murdered in an empty house
Detective Stephen Greco and his team must piece together her life as quickly as possible. Within twenty-four hours there is another killing using the same method. The detectives realise that the victims are random but the locations are not. The killer is more concerned with finding the right house – somewhere he won’t be disturbed.

When a man walks into the station and confesses, it looks like the case is closed. But Greco’s not convinced and soon he’ll be fighting to save the woman who’s most important to him in a stunningly tense conclusion.



Received from netgally and Joffre books in return for an honest review this has in no way effected my opinion of the book

Two women in the space of two days have been kidnapped, tortured and killed in houses that are on the books of a single estate agent. There will be a third victim. But she will be much closer to home to the investigative team.
A man confesses. He’s schizophrenic and it’s difficult to believe he’s capable however forensic evidence puts him there.
“HE made me do it”.

I have read this in less than a 24 hour period and the first thing I did was to search for the next installment (sadly there isn’t one yet!).

This is the second DI Greco book of this series but can easily be read as a stand-alone as I haven’t read the first book  I have my fingers crossed that there’ll be a third and that we’ll a very different side to Stephen Greco!?

4/5 stars



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