Diamonds A.M Cosgrove


He’s an ex-con on the right side of the law, she’s a good girl trying hard not to settle down.

Sebastian loves his job. Private recovery means he gets to do what he does best while staying out of jail. But then a mark turns personal. Daria could be o much more than a means to an end, and the item he needs to re-acquire for his client. Can he ignore the spark, or will he give in even if it means jeopardizing the assignment and possibly his career?

Daria is sick of men  in general and the boring stuffy types her father keeps setting her up with in the hopes of her settling down and give him grandkids. Unfortunately the only man who sparks intrest in her is a bad boy with a checkered past. Unfortunatly a bad boy who’s a good man is the hardest to resist… 

While Daria struggles to figure out her own feelings, Sebastian must decide between the girl he’s just met and his job

Received for review from netgally this has in now way effected my opinion.

This book was a delight to the senses. From lies to murder to heartbreak to forgiveness this book has it all With her amazing characters I am waiting for the next one on the edge of my seat.

“Look I know you aren’t always treated like you should be. You aren’t a pawn to be moved on a chessboard to suit the needs of others. You need to be treated better. I am going make sure that happens.” He took her hand in his and gently kissed it.

Daria was raised by a over protected dad and being the princess in his life no man is good enough. Daria never trust anyone not to hurt her or want something from her. When a stranger pushes a way into her luge he breaks down all her defences and she realises he may just steal her heart.

Sebastian a criminal now on the right side of the law when this case comes along it turns all well laid plans on its ear. Daria is nothing he is excepting but everything his heart wants. When danger threatens her where at least expected will he come clean and lose the best thing he ever didn’t know he wanted

5/5 Stars




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