Run Girl Run Alex C Franklin

29282796The death of an American in ritzy Monaco captures the personal attention of the FBI Director and the US Secretary of State. Suspecting foul play, the FBI goes all out to find the killer.

Meanwhile, Stella Jacob, an environmental activist seeking a quiet life in a small Canadian town, witnesses a spill that releases millions of gallons of radioactive waste. Stella clashes with the local authorities when she raises an alarm. As she tries to hold the company behind the spill to account, she finds herself drawn into a dangerous romance that has the potential to rock the balance of power in both Ottawa and Washington, D.C..

The suspected murder in Monaco is only the first associated with the company responsible for the spill. As more bodies start dropping, Stella must go on the run to save her life – and to find the evidence that can unravel the mystery of who is behind the murders, and why.

Received for review from netgally and the publisher

Run girl run is a fast paced political thriller. It begins in Monte Carlo, Monaco with the death of a rich tycoon who was a cofounder of a large mining company. Several individuals including the FBI and the Sec of state of the United States believe it was murder and begin investigating l, meanwhile the main character Stella Jacobs moves to Syron lake to start a new life as a romance novel writer and await the return of her former boyfriend. Her plans couldn’t be more wrong Syron Lake is the location of the former uranium mine named Syron Lake resources. She inadvertently stumbles on a breach in the radioactive waste containment pound that spills into the Syron Lake. Since she was a former activist she wants to fin of the extent of the spill and to hold the company responsible for the clean up. What she doesn’t realaise is how deap the corruption and political intrigue is and the people involved who have a stake in the mine not knowing how to trust and trusting the wrong person she soon finds herself running for her life.

Franklin has written a well researched and exciting novel although it was a little slow and confusing at first with the introduction of multiple characters it soon picks up. The characters were multidimensional not always showing there true colours until further into the storyline. From the second half of this book you can’t stop reading and the twists at the end come of a suprise. The mixture of governmental policy mixing with big business environmental issues and corporate gread are well done and realistic. I particularly liked the strong female characters that develop through this book. For a first novel Franklin has written a great novel and i look forward to reading her future books.




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