The Siblings Mile Szimanski


Explosions and fires kill and wound hundreds of people at simultaneous Fourth of July celebrations in Virginia and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

An unknown Islamist orginsation claims responsibility in Copenhagen while the US government blames suicide bombers with ties to al-Qaeda for the American attack deeming the two events to be unconnected.

Adam Stepowski an investigative lawyer who witness the horror in Virginia while his younger sn escapes unharmed from the Danish attack doesn’t believe in coincidences. Wit his family, a Russian girl and a retired CIA operative Adam launches an independent investigation on both sides of the Atlantic. The facts he discovers contradict the official  version proclaimed by the White House. Adam uses his international experience to find the link between Virginia and Denmark. As the mystery unfolds, Adam races to find an answer that will be more complex and alarming than he had imagined.

Recived for review from Netgally and black rose writing this has in now way effected my opinion.

The siblings is a great story and so timely.  I loved the premise of this story as it was unlike anything I had ever read before.

The characters are real. I loved the description and situation of places it was wonderful. And I am looking forward to the next story of Mike Szymanski






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