Always and Forever Soraya Lane

Always and Forever by [Lane, Soraya]

Lisa and Matt can’t believe their luck. They have a dream house and a dream marriage, and very soon they’ll have a dream family too. But life is rarely that simple. When their beautiful life is rocked by tragedy, they are forced to make an unbearable choice. Suddenly the future they’ve built together looks fragile and exposed.

With aching hearts and their love on the line, they set off on a road trip through the stunning Californian landscape, hoping that time—and distance from the life they thought perfect—will help them start again. Matt is desperate not to lose Lisa, but as they confront their grief in different ways, he may have lost her already.

Where there is love there ought to be strength, but this love has been tested to its limits. Have they endured too much heartbreak for one couple to take? Or will a journey down memory lane put them back on the road to love, hope—and each other?

Received this from netgally and publisher in exchange for an honest review this has in no way affected my opinion.


I loved this book because it was written from duel Povs and I loved books that are told from multiple character views. This follows Lisa and Matt who are a happy married couple looking into their future until a tragedy strikes, I loved both Matt and Lisa and also at some points throughout this book I wanted to bang their heads together. The writing style of this novel is beautifully written and is emotional and I felt as if I was right alongside them as they want through this




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