Licoln Park James R Westergreen

29448066Lincoln Park is a wartime thriller ranging from the pleasure districts of Saigon to the back-alleys of Chicago. It’s the story of plans gone awry, the seductive power of greed, and the redeeming power of love, all unfolding amid the unpredictable violence of war. MP Captain Tobias Riley’s duty becomes a quest for vengeance as characters are double-crossed and bodies litter the page.

A Vietnamese Colonel lies dead on the bathroom floor after a night of passion at Cholon’s Hotel Fleur. Riley is on special assignment to help find the killer. His investigation uncovers an American deserter partnered with the mysterious Madam D running a heroin ring out of the Fleur.

Phoenix Program killer Jack Flash shows up and things come unglued. Air American pilots, Chinese warlords and rogue soldiers scramble to find a C-47 loaded with heroin that goes missing

Recived for review from netgally and the publisher this has in now way affected my opinion
An exciting thriller! This book grabbed hold of me on page 1 and i didn’t want to put it down . It starts out in Saigon during the vietnam war and follows various protagonists through the seedy underworld of Saigon brothels, black market drug dealers, military deserters, undercover hits by covert milaitry operatives, rogue Air America pilots, the mafia incompotent high ranking military officers and the miliatary police trying to cope with it all and solve a crime. it then follows the lead characters after the war as they readjust to life in the Lincon Park neighbourhood of Chicago.

It’s a gripping and suspenseful historical thriller combined with romance. It features excellent characters and a very real feel for the time and place of Saigon during the war. I felt like i was actually in Vietnam. This is a good read as it causes the reader to escape his everyday world. I highly recommend it



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