Why I Love Ebooks

Recently I have started using my kindle again seeing as I haven’t had one for a few years and used to read on the kindle app on my phone the Ebooks that I wanted to read I asked for one at Christmas and I got it and in the last few months I have used it a lot to say that 70% of what I read is in Ebook form so today I have decided to write a post telling you the reasons why I love Ebooks.

You can read ebooks conveniently any time of the day  or night. I hate when it is getting darker or I’m reading through the night and I have to turn a light or lamp on and get into a comfy position to read and then I have to get up and turn the light off when I am done. Whereas my kindle tablet is backlit so now I can snuggle under the covers and carry on reading my book all night no problem.

They allow authors without traditional publishing deals to be published and share there voice. There are so many indie/self published authors who are yet to find a publisher willing to publish their book yet they write brilliant stories.

There is always a bargin waiting for you. Have you seen the prices of ebooks. A lot of them are unable to resist and there is a lot that are free. Sure all readers end up with a one click addiction but its worth it.

As I said at the beginning you don’t need an e-reader to read them. I went years with just reading off the kindle app on my phone. An ebook is always there waiting to be read and regardless of what device you have with you. you never need to worry about forgetting to take a book or kindle with you.

Ebooks take up no room. My ebooks are safe and secure in my kindle and this way nobody can tell me off for buying too many books because they will never know… I can also finish a book on the go and start a new one right away.

Without ebooks there would be no Netgally. I can’t even imagine my life without netgally all those beautiful ebooks that I download pre-release from Netgally so I can review them for you guys before the print book is available. Netgally is such a vital resource for many book bloggers, especially those who like to focus on new books and advance reading copies. The excitement of reading a book before it is published never goes away.

And finally no more long debates over which books to bring on holiday with you because with a kindle they hold loads of books and are light so you don’t have to worry about weight restrictions.

Are you an ebook fan and why do you love reading ebooks?






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