Soulshifter Barbara Pietron

25415315Sixteen year old Jack Ironwood knew exactly what he wanted. Until he got it. Jack was content to stay unnoticed by pretty and popular track star, Natalie Segetich until her best friend Emma disappears. Natalie swears something took Emma and though most people write Natalie off as traumatized and confused, Jack is a soulshifter and he knows the human stealing Enuuki hell’s messengers are real. As a soul shifter  Jack can cross into the underworld so he sees Emma’s rescue as an opportunity to prove himself a valuable member of his transcendental sect a way to secure a future otherwise out of his reach. Although he needs Natalie’s help to prepare for the mission, Jack intends to go to the underworld alone. But as a viable plan takes shape, its clear the best chance of success means Natalie must accompany him. On the eve of the quest, when Jack is promised the hand of a respected elder’s daughter- a dream come true- he realises he’s no longer sure what he wants. But it’s too late to back out, not with the sect and Natalie counting on him. Pursued by the dark lord’s henchman and ghastly mutant creatures, Jack and Natalie struggle to come out ahead in a battle and barter for souls. In the end Jack will have to decide his own fate because nothing short of a deal with the devil will get all three of them out of hell alive.

Received this book for review from netgally and the publisher in exchange for an honest review this has in no way affected my opinion.

I really enjoyed this novel. It was different from what I have read in the past. It had an original storyline I was looking for. It was intresting how the author defined “Soulshifter.” At first I thought it was literally a person that shift into something that was soul related but I was wrong. I truly like how the author decided on how she wanted Soulshifter to be.

Jack was a great character and I easily warmed up to him from the beginning to the end. He’d done things risky for a different reason. Not quite a good reason author. Bu he was only a teenager that had a lot to learn about what was right and what was wrong. It all started with his childhood crush that caused him to make the crazy decision to do about his life.

The world building in this book was well done. I could see what the author was describing in my head as if I’d watch it being painted on the artwork or in a film. The writing style was great too. I didn’t have any hard time to understand a scene. I understood them all. Natalie was a character I actually rooted for. She was tough but also vlnerable. Everything happened to her too fast before she was able to understand what the risks were. She wasn’t given a chance to learn a depth of historical background on sect. Not even a better picture of what would happen to her in the underworld. Yet she still went for it because it was all for her best friend who disappeared.

I did wish I was able to learn more about who Emma was. The way Natalie describe Emma’s characteristic I wanted to get to know her more. It would be cook if there was a prequel written up between Emma and Natalie because whatever the adventure they went together in the past seemed so interesting.

Wes on the other hand seemed like a fun guy to hang out. Annoying perhaps but fun. I was more curious to learn more about his talent as well. What he could have learned. I could see Wes and Jack formed a team that would do a lot of rescue missions for the sect as if sect was actually an FBI of sorts. There were so many potential that the novel could turn into the series easily.

The creatures the author created to be included in the novel were cool as well. They didn’t mention the creatures a lot but it was enough for me to be more curious about the whole things in the underworld.

Hand down I would recommend this book to any urban fantasy fan. It does have a soft touch on romance, but It was merely focused on the rescue mission and adventures.





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