Race Girl Leigh Hutton

cover86372-medium.pngTully Athens has always dreamed of following in the footsteps of her hero Michelle Payne. Of living up to the Athens name and becoming the third generation of women from her family to rule the track. But Tully’s never been sure she’s got the nerve, and when her mother is killed in a horse racing accident, her whole world is shattered.

Six months later, in the heat of a Queensland summer, sixteen-year-old Tully is ready to face her fears. But getting back in the saddle leads to a whole lot more than she bargained for, with an out of control crush on the boy from their rival thoroughbred farm – the gorgeous but cocky larrikin Brandon Weston – and a forgotten filly with stardom in her eyes . . .

When faced with the most difficult decision of her life, will Tully choose to train and race her new filly in Melbourne? Or will she sacrifice it all to fight for love on the land that feeds her soul?

It’s only when tragedy rips everything from her that Tully finds a strength and courage she never knew she had, in this action-packed novel of passion, adventure and determination.


reviewpinkReceived this book from netgally and the publishers in exchange for an honest review this has in no way affected my opinion

In Race Girl,the third book in the Go Girls Chronichles, we meet Tully. A character that is obviously very close to the author’s heart, Tully has recenly had her earth shattered around her when her mother suddenly passes during a tragic racing accident. Left to pick up the peices of her life, Tully has to take on some very grown up roles and make some very adult decisions to help to keep their property Avalon Downs from left to ruin or be sold off the the horrible Weston family while her father empties a bottle every night. This doesn’t shake a strong girl like Tully, she just sets her sights and knows just what she needs to do. That is when she meets the young horse of her dreams, Dhalia. Dhalia needed a little saving at first but little did Tully know just how much this horse would save her own life, and help her build it back up.

Through the great love story, the trechourous neighbours, the wonderful friends and family she has, Tully takes on the world. Heck, she may even concur it!

This book took me through the amazing life of these riders and racers, as well as a love for a horse that knows no bounds. Truly a great read, you should definitely pick this one up at your local book store or online. Today, go right now. You will thank me later




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