Child of the dead Sara Brooke

She is The Chosen.

Renda Bloodmane is not your average 29-year-old librarian. She sees dead people, battles demons, and her boyfriend is a ghost.

When a young girl is haunted by a powerful evil spirit, Renda is the only one who can save her. She must use everything she’s got to protect the child. But there’s more at stake in this dark battle, and this could be Renda’s last chance to find her true identity. She’ll do whatever she can to save the Child of the Dead



Received this book from netgally and the publisher in exchange for an honest review this has in no way affected my opinion.

Child of the Dead is a fast-paced read that invites you to just forget about the world and lose yourself in the story for a while. There’s definitely some creepy scenes that happen, the librarian’s –Yes, she’s a librarian! How awesome is that?– abilities are Sixth Sense-esque, the climax isn’t at all what you were expecting, and there’s a few minorly steamy scenes between Renda and her paramour (who happens to be a ghost). On the other hand, the dialogue is stilted at times, the author apparently only knows one word for that particular part of the male anatomy, and while it was a fun read, it also leaves you feeling strangely unfulfilled. This felt like three-quarters of a novel, or one third more of a short story than was needed.

Overall, it’s a pleasant way to waste a few hours, and I’m definitely not giving up on this particular author yet. I bet she has something brilliant banging around in that brain, and eventually it’ll emerge in all it’s awesomeness



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