Summer Fireworks and My Corpse Otsuichi

This is a little girl’s account of her life after death, and our unique version of The Lovely Bones. It defies the conventional definition of genres. A ghost story, yes, and YA, too. Dark fantasy with humor. Literary fiction with prepubescent innocence and manga sensibilities. It is many things but a simple story, too. You’ll be fascinated with the unique world of Otsuichi, a very young and prolific author, in his first published work.


Received this book for review from netgally and the publisher this has in no way affected my opinion

This small book surely took long to read. When I started this, I thought I would finish it in one go. But there were trouble. This book specially it’s translation work wasn’t good. At least for me that made most of the trouble.

Summer, Fireworks and My Corpse is a handy work of the Japanese author Otsuichi. I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture and media. That was the very reason I wanted to give this book a go. I thought after reading the synopsis, this will be a different sort of story, I thought it would take me out of my comfort zone, thus will enlighten me. But as I kept reading it turned out to be more conventional mystery/thriller story. That also made me sad.

Considering, the author was 16 when he wrote these stories, it was decent effort. Specially 2nd story was much deep and claver. Whereas the title story only made the conspirators go lucky and upright cruel. In that story, everyone seemed to be blind and things just went past to make the killers very fortunate. By the end, there was a twist (somewhat!), but it failed to make an impact. Also there were things like rotten smell from a corpse ignored forcefully for a while!

The second story was relatively well built, kept on going until the end to reveal all the tricks behind.

Both of the stories had the decency to have tolerable amount of characters.

I guess reading the original Japanese version would have been better. But since I can’t read Japanese, I had to depend on translated version. I am still thankful to the publisher for allowing me this book. And I am sorry that this review wasn’t a positive one. That’s the burden of honesty, you can’t make everyone happy at times



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