Desire Charlotte Byrd

He shouldn’t have been an outlaw I shouldn’t have fallen for him… EMMA
Jack Hart was all wrong for me. He was in the Big Bear Outlaw Motorcycle Club. I was studying pre-med. He was a criminal, and I’ve never even jaywalked. After my mom had left, the last thing I wanted was a relationship.But then I started falling for Jack. Why did he have to have a girlfriend? Why did I have to go out with his brother?

My family ran the MC, but there was so much more to me than the MC. I was a writer and I didn’t belong. The only person who saw this was Emma.

Why did I have to have a girlfriend? Why did she have to go out with my brother?


Received this book from netgally and the publisher in exchange for an honest review this has in no way affected my opinion

Holy cow this is a hot book. Emma’s mom left, her dad is a drunk cop. She is a good good girl, and she meets the hot sexy biker Jack Hart. He is part of a motorcycle club and is a total bad boy to bad he has a girlfriend, then there is Kyle Hart Jacks brother who is also hot but had the nerve to ask Emma out. This is one hot sexy 5 star read. Can’t wait for the next one. Charlotte Byrd does an amazing job on this book. It’s a short read but it’s so worth it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (Epic ) in the making can’t wait for part two and three




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