The Alpha Drive Kristen Martin

27174561It’s the year 2055 and an anarchist organization has taken control with the aim to create a world-class society. Half of humankind is unknowingly living in an alternate reality called Dormance . . . and there are no plans to wake them up.

Sixteen-year-old introvert Emery Parker is one such dormant. An academic scholar who avoids ruffling feathers at all costs, Emery finds herself being transferred to a boarding school on the outskirts of Arizona. Little does she know, a family secret has the power to change the course of the future. When she’s approached with an opportunity to free the dormants, she sees no other choice but to accept, even though failure could mean having her memory wiped clean. But when tech-savvy Torin Porter reaches out to her from the other side, Emery begins to question everything she was told about Dormance. If her family’s secret falls into the wrong hands, the world as she knows it will be faced with irreversible consequences. Now Emery must play both sides to uncover the truth about her family’s past or risk leaving mankind to live in an unconscious reality

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Breaker Kat Ellis

24531080Kyle Henry has a new name, a new school and  a new life. A year has passed since his serial killer father’s execution and it finally looks like he has a chance to escape the stigma and fear that haunts him. Until he recognises the girl sitting in the back row in homeroom.

Naomi Steadman Is immediately intrigued by Kyle but she doesn’t know he is the son of the man who murdered her mother. What she does know is she and Kyle have a connection and a spark that Kyle continues to back away from.

Pretty soon the death count on campus starts to rise. Someone is set on finishing what the Bonebreaker started and reliving the horrors of their past may be the only thing that can stop the spree.

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The Chronicles of Spartak Rising son Steven A Coulter


On the 4th of July in the year 2115 sixteen year old Spartak Jones, an Olympic bound athelete is betrayed, drugged, kidnapped and sold, the first legal slave since the Civil War, just as America splinters into a bloody power struggle between the families of the ruling elite. Fighting for survival freedom and love, he proves to be a lethal warrior, resourceful, fearless, loyal and not shy about his sexuality. His exploits awaken a long dormant liberal underground and he becomes a symbol of hope a handsome flesh and blood icon for an America that used to be and might be again- if he can endure.

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The Museum of You Carys Bray


Clover Quinn was a surprise. She used to imagine she was the good kind, now she’s not sure. She’d like to ask Dad about it, but growing up in the saddest chapter of someone else’s story is difficult. She tries not to skate on the thin ice of his memories.

Darren has done his best. He’s studied his daughter like a seismologist on the lookout for waves and surrounded her with everything she might want- everything he can thing of at least to be happy.

What Clover wants is answers. This summer, she thinks she can find them in the second bedroom which is full of her mothers belongings. Volume isn’t important what she is looking for is essence the undiluted bits a collection of things that will tell the full storu of her mother, her father and who she is going to be. But what you find depends on what you’re searching for.

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Havoc Jane Higgins

24722035The Ceasefire is barely holding. Southside waits with a kind of hope that feels like defeat. Then Cityside blows up the bridge. And amid the chaos and rubble Nik and Lanya are drawn into a complex web of power fear and betrayal.

Who is the girl found crying out from the bombed bridge? What is her connection to the secret experiments taking place at Pitkerrin Marsh? And why does she cry ‘havoc’? But before Nik can find out he must find his father and face the hardest decision of his life.




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The Goodbye Ride Lily Malone


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Olivia Murphy is a woman on a mission. The Ducati motorbike that once belonged to her brother has come up for resale. Liv wants to buy the precious bike and she wants the ink dry on he paperwork before the approaching holiday weekend when visitors with fat wallets will descend on her tourist- mecca hometown.

Only one person stands In her way. Owen Carson likes rare and beautiful things and he has the Ducati in his sights. Then he meets Liv and finds his heart captured by beauty of a different kind. How far will Liv go to make the motorbike hers and is the Queen’s birthday Long weekend, long enough for Owen to convince Liv he’s interested in more than just a holiday fling.



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Mercer Girls Libbie Hawker

27852572It’s 1864 in downtrodden Lowell, Massachusetts. The Civil War has taken its toll on the town—leaving the economy in ruin and its women in dire straits. That is, until Asa Mercer arrives on a peculiar, but providential, errand: he seeks high-minded women who can exert an elevating influence in Seattle, where there are ten men for every woman. Mail-order brides, yes, but of a certain caliber.

Schoolmarmish Josephine, tough-as-nails Dovey, and pious perfectionist Sophronia see their chance to exchange their bleak prospects for new lives. But the very troubles that sent them running from Lowell follow them to the muddy streets of Seattle, and the friendships forged on the cross-country trek are tested at every turn.

Just when the journey seems to lead only to ruin, an encounter with a famous suffragist could be their salvation. But to survive both an untamed new landscape and their pasts, they’ll need all their strength—and one another.

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