The Goodbyes Leslie Welch

Since he was thirteen years old, rockstar Webb Turner pined for Bree, the enigmatic girl across the street. He captured her in his songs, but never in his orbit. His lyrics about her propelled Webb’s band to superstardom, but his fame came with the price of finding real love.

When he discovers that Bree is dying, Webb leaves a stadium full of adoring fans to be at her side. As a blizzard batters the east coast, will Webb succeed in his fight against the storm and the mistakes of his past for a chance to say one last goodbye?




Recived this book from netgally and the publisher in exchange for an honest review this has in no way affected my opinion

The Goodbyes is a fast paced, uniquely written book that captured my interest from the very first page. It takes the reader on an emotional journey through the adolescent and early adult years of Webb Turner, a young man who is captivated by his new neighbor and who uses her as a muse to inspire his music and lyrics. His hope is that one day he will leave his sleepy little hometown, find fame, and maybe even be with the woman he loves.

The book begins in the present day. Webb has found his fame as a rock star, but when he receives a call that Bree, his neighbor from back home, is in the hospital and might not pull through, he drops everything, including the tour that he’s currently on, to drive home in a blizzard to see her one last time.

The book goes back and forth between the present day and the past. I loved this aspect of the book. It enables the reader to witness the lives of the characters and to understand what events led them to become the people that they are today. It delves into the angst of adolescence and the trials and tribulations of growing up and finding your path in life.

I loved Webb. He was an introverted, nice, quiet guy who was brimming with raw talent. His only real flaw was that he wasn’t able to ever get past his first love. While Webb and Bree only had a couple of brief intimate encounters, it was enough for him to long for her and dream of someday being with her. He put all of his emotions, passion, and heartache for Bree into his lyrics which ended up catapulting his band into stardom. But pining over someone who would never truly be his prevented him from seeing what was right in front of him.

I can best describe this book as an emotional story of growth, self-discovery, and love. It was both heartbreaking and hopeful. The Goodbyes is a fantastic debut novel by an author who I am looking forward to reading more from in the future





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