The Fourteen Day Soul Detox Rita Stradling

Volume One of the Novella Serial.
In the next fourteen days, I plan to:
1) Cut back on my coffee intake.

2) Gain some of my weight back.

3) Start getting some exercise again (aside from having sex with Cameron). Yoga? I don’t know.

4) Sleep.
5) Take on my daughter’s school board.6) Sell my coffee shop.7) Go on a date with that hunky single dad from my daughter’s school.
8) Stop wearing my wedding ring.9) Spread my husband’s ashes.10) Forgive the woman who killed him.11) Stop sleeping with her ex-husband.
12) Remember what love feels like.
13) Be happy.

Received this book from netgally and the publisher in exchange for an honest review this has in no way affected my opinion.

Jamie is a newly thirty year old with the stress of the world on her shoulders. She works two jobs to meet the needs of her special needs daughter and strives to be the best mother she can. She has experienced loss, being widowed by a car accident a year ago that took her husband’s life. She is a strong, hard working, and compassionate individual who seems lost in her own reality. With the help of family and friends she is able to take steps forward in a “soul detox” that she created with the help of a close friend. Over the series, we follow Jamie on this journey of life changing decisions, both small and big.

The style of writing for this story is interesting. I will confess that when I first read the title of this novel, I thought it was another inspirational writing on how to detox your life. After finishing the introduction into Jamie’s life, I have become attached to her and her daughter. Although characters in a fictional book, they relate to so many people in a realistic every day life. Life is hard, and unfair, but worth every struggle for the ones you love. I would highly recommend this book for an older audience (some sex, and language). Do not misunderstand me though, this book does have its twist and turns, providing an interesting progression of Jamie’s story. If you want to read a book that makes you feel that you are not alone in this world, that you love your family despite their craziness, and nothing ever turns out the way you want it to, this is the book for you to read.




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