Dark touch Aimee L.Salter

28174019 Tully isn’t alone in her skin. Whenever she touches someone they feel everything she feels. All her ugliness. All her darkness. All her pain.

The only thing she wants is to be left alone- and to finally get of her small Oregon town.

But then she meets Chris. He’s everything she’s not. Light. Trusting innocent and he wants Tully.

Tully knows she should spare him the heartache of being with her. But when he touches her she’s not sure she’ll have the strength to push him away…

From the author of Every Ugly Word comes a poignant emotionally raw story about the violence that plays out behind closed doors and the all consuming passion of first love.

Received this book for review from netgally and the publisher in exchange for an honest review this has in no way affected my opinion of the book

Man I really need another Amiee Salter book in my life this is my first book I have read by her and man I loved it  This book wasn’t without flaws we’ll talk about that in a few minutes. but what Aimee did with her heroine was so flawless that I overlooked anything that made my face scrunch up in a confused look.

Lets talk about Tully. Tully is complicated She’s not a “good girl” heroine that lives a perfect life and makes an occasional bad decision to make her storyline interesting. Oh, no no no. Tully would be on the opposite side of that scale. She’s known as one of those troubled kids. To say her family life is bad would be like saying that Harry Styles is kind of cute when you know he’s one of the most beautiful men in the world. It’s a gross understatement. She consistently makes bad decisions. Worst of all, she loathes herself. Characters that don’t love themselves feel hopeless because they feel like they deserve the crap they find themselves in. And THAT is one of those spots where feel an author can really make a reader FEEL for a character. (If you’ve read any new adult romance, you know exactly what I’m talking about.) Tully did to me what she did to Chris, our hero. She dug her heels into my heart and made me fall in love with her despite, no BECAUSE of her flaws. Don’t expect to like Tully all the time. She’s probably going to make you dislike her at some point (especially that one scene!) but hang on with her. She’s the real deal.

I liked Chris just fine, but his character feel flat for me. I didn’t love him the way Tully does and that’s okay. I think Tully’s story is SO BIG that she overshadows everyone else around her. We have another important character in this story in Ms. Pine. I wish every student had a counselor like her. Someone who makes you roll your eyes at her prodding, but also throws out the buoy when you feel like you’re drowning. I love that Salter wrote in this important adult figure.

To say much more would start giving away plot points that I want you, dear reader, to explore yourself. There were moments in this book that reminded me of The Sea of Tranquility but this book is wholly unique. Pick this up and experience Tully’s story for yourself. You’ll think of her long after you finish her story




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