2017 New Adult Reading Challenge

Hey guys as it’s nearing the end of the year and I decided to let you know about one of the reading challenges that I am going to try and complete this year. As you may now if you read this blog is that I read a majority of new adult romance so this year I have decided to participate in the 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge. This means that during this next year I am going to try and read as much New Adult as I can. This challenge is hosted by   over at The girl who read to much and I will link her post here before you decide if you want to participate and explaining how everything will work.  2017 New Adult Reading Challenge

There are two challenges and I am going to participate in both challenges so the first challenge is to read more new adult and there is levels and when you reach that level there is a badge so we can show how progress.

The levels are the following:

  • NA Newbie – 6 books
  • NA Initiate – 12 books
  • NA Intermediate – 24 books
  • NA Advanced – 36 books
  • NA Expert – 50 books
  • NA Queen/King (special category) – 100 books

At the minute with this challenge I am aming to read 36 New adult but if I read more then that amount it doesn’t matter or if I read less. it is a challenge and it is the taking part that counts.

And the other Challenge that is for this is a reading bingo so every month while choosing what new adult I am going to read I am going to chose 2  topics of the bingo chart.


I don’t know if I am being over ambitious about this but I will be posting my updates on twitter using the hashtag that has been set for this reading challenge and rhat is  #NAReads2017  at this moment in time I haven’t decided what books I want to read but I will post a new adult tbr by the end of the year so you know what books I do want to read. and I will be updating you ever month or so by making a post so I will be doing updates on my blog incase you don’t follow me on twitter

Happy reading





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