Never Too Late Alyssia Leon

Hey guys today i am here with another review

Billionaire developer, Jake Hennessy, craves escape from a love that destroyed him. Appleby village in the beautiful English countryside is the perfect distraction. That is until hot attraction flares and Molly turns out to be an even greater distraction. Now all he craves is a few nights with her. No love. No complications.


In the middle of village gossip and scandal, Molly struggles to rebuild her life. But Jake is a dangerous temptation who will demolish both her heart and her home. When he leaves Appleby, Molly and her grandmother will find themselves out on the streets.

Can she resist him or will she lose everything?



Received this book for review from netgalley and the publishers

I loved this book i was hooked from the very first page. I loved the writing style as i loved how captivating it was that took you right into the heart of this story. I loved Molly and Jake i loved them as individuals and as a couple. I especially loved since everything shes been through and how far she had gotten. I also loved the country setting as i havent read a lot of books that have took place in the country but i would love to read more.




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