Beneath the Surface Melynda Price

Hey guys today I am here with another book review


He was the last man she wanted to turn to for help. But when freelance journalist Quinn Summers uncovers a shocking secret with the potential to rock Washington, DC, she reluctantly finds herself on his doorstep. Someone intends to silence her forever, and Asher Tate may be all that’s standing between her and a vicious killer.

Overbearing, arrogant, and insanely hot, the ex-marine Special Forces officer turned mercenary for hire is no bodyguard—especially when it comes to the stubborn woman who sets his blood on fire as quickly as his temper. Quinn Summers is a powder keg of trouble just waiting for a match, and he isn’t surprised that the feisty beauty has made some dangerous enemies.

To survive, she’s going to have to play by his rules—and that means stepping into Asher’s world, where he controls the playing field. But in his fight to save Quinn’s life, he just might end up losing his heart.…

Recived this book for review from netgally in exchange for an honest review


Asher and Quinn met at her sister’s wedding. Sparks flew right of the bat, but they were extinguished quickly when Quinn catches Asher dead drunk and very definitely not alone. Things go downhill from there, and they part ways each hoping to never see the other again. Unfortunately, when Quinn finds she has a killer on her tail, her brother in law sends her to Asher for protection. Quinn knows Asher won’t want anything to do with her, but she has no other options. Asher is furious at her arrival but won’t turn her away. Things between them are contentious at best. As Asher begins to unravel the reasons that put Quinn in hiding, he also begins to see a different side of her and realizes he might actually like her. Quinn also realizes Asher is not quite the player she assumed. She starts to warm up to him too, especially after she meets his family. The two settle into a routine, but the killer is closer than they think, and Quinn’s brother in law might have placed her right in his path by sending her to Asher.

I really enjoyed the secondary characters in this story, especially Asher’s brothers. I could Quinn’s sister Violet and her husband Nikko had already been featured in a different book. I’m definitely going to have to check it out, because overprotective Nikko was hot. I’m hoping Asher’s twin, Jax, gets the next story so we can find out what happened between him and his lovely nurse friend.



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