Backpack and a red dress Maddie Jane

Hey guys today I am here with another book review

Managing a flailing second-hand clothes shop in an English village is not part of Cally Kirkwood’s life plan. But she’s travelled across the world to meet her birth father and she won’t leave until he acknowledges her.

But life happens when you’re busy making plans, and Cally soon finds herself completely invested in converting the grungy shop into a beautiful vintage clothing store, despite the opposition of her new employer’s son, Sam Hunter.

Sam is instantly attracted to Cally but can’t figure her out. There’s something she isn’t telling him and he doesn’t know whether to trust her—yet he can’t stay away.

An unexpected discovery means Cally must decide whether her true loyalty lies with her father or Sam. She thought she’d do anything to find love; but choosing between her past and her future may leave her with no love at all.

Received this book from netgally and the publisher in exchange for an honest review


‘Backpack and a Red Dress’ is a fun read for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Especially in those first view chapters, time goes by really fast. Cally comes to England to force her father to talk with her and explain why he left them even before she was born. A view pages further, Cally has a job as an manager of a second hand clothing shop in the same little town in England, and she meets her employer’s son Sam. Bam.. no slow introductions into this story.

Really there is no time wasted in this book and especially in the beginning I was afraid this would be a rushed romance with no real chemistry. Although this book definitely isn’t very long, after the first view chapters I didn’t feel rushed at all anymore and this book became a very nice little getaway.
The two main characters Cally and Sam really began to be a nice, cute couple I was really rooting for. And I enjoyed reading about their journey.

The setting in a small town in England, also definitely worked for me. I loved the whole small town vibe that was going on. And the whole second hand clothing store also really worked for me. I loved how passionate Cally was about making that store a success. And I could easily imagine this cute looking little second hand store.

Overall this was a short read that has some good romance in it. I definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for a nice short read





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