Ties that Bind Elizabeth Blair

Hey guys today I am here with another book review

Decades of straddling the line between working undercover for the government and remaining loyal to the families of his birth have destroyed Mitch’s allegiance to either side. Adrift after the brutal assassination of his boss, Mitch retreats to his east coast heritage of la familia to devise an exit strategy from both organizations. When Ashli, the dazzling and provocative sister of crime lord James Vinetti, invades his life Mitch becomes entrenched in their world of high stakes legal and illegal dealings. But what started as a temporary diversion quickly becomes a deadly game to out maneuver Ashli’s own hidden agenda. Family. Friends. Passion. Love. Loyalty. Justice. Betrayal. Of all the ties that bind you, which is worth dying for?




Received this book for review from the publishers through netgally

I was intrigued about this book after reading the synopsis of this on netgally so I had to request a copy of this to read and review and i enjoyed this book i haven’t read a lot of mobster type romances but I will definetly be reading more of them. This is also the first book that I have read by Elizabeth Blair and i will be checking out more of her work because i loved her writing style. I loved the character’s and i was hooked from the very first page


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