Cursing Fate Brenda Drake

Hey guys today I am here with another book review

There’s something strange about the Layne sisters, and Wade Diaz wants nothing to do with them. Especially the one who ripped his heart out and set it on fire before tossing it in the garbage several months ago. Iris. He can’t even think her name without unconsciously rubbing the spot in his chest where she left a gaping hole. But now her sisters are claiming some evil spirit is after his soul, and Iris is the only one who can save him. Well, at least his heart would stop hurting, right? Didn’t sound so bad.

Iris Layne has always been the sweet sister. She’s kind to everyone, including her best friend Wade… Until she makes a horrible mistake and breaks his heart. All she wants is to go back to before ‘the dumping’. Of course, Wade would rather see her in hell first. But then Iris touches her sister’s tarot cards and unleashes an evil curse intent on playing a deadly game where no one Iris loves is safe, especially Wade.

How do you convince someone they need your help when you’re the one who hurt them most?


I enjoyed this book this is the second book in a series and i haven’t read the first book in the series but i think this series can be read as a standalone. This is also the first book that i have read by Brenda and i really enjoyed it.

The story follows Iris who has hurt someone that she loves very much which she couldn’t help but do. She tries to make it right but the situation is complicated. Her sister made a mistake and Iris is the one who has to pay for it by losing Wade her best friend and soulmate. This also follows Wade who has lost the girl that he wanted to be with for the rest of his. She has lost his trust and when she attempts to restore it he is reluctant to agree.

This is unique and unlike any other book that i have read and i love that. i also loved the writing style and the characters and can’t wait to check out more of Brenda Drake’s work in the future







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