The Flash season 1 Review

Hey guys i have recently binge watched the whole season of the flash season 1 so i have decided to write a review discussing all my thoughts on the season.

The Flash if you didn’t know follows the story of Barry Allen who wakes up nine monthsImage result for The flash after he was struck by lightning and discovers that the bolt give him the power of super speed. With his new team and powers. Barry becomes ‘the flash; and fights crime in Central City











I loved season 1 of The flash and I can’t wait to carry on and watch season 2 which i am currently watching while writing this blog post at the minute. I love how vulnerable the flash is and he is so relatable for a superhero and you can connect to him straight away.

I love Grant Gustin  who plays the flash his acting is on point . I loved the tone of this show i do love my darker tone shows compared to light hearted as you will see throughout my blog while talking about these shows that I am watching or have watched during the month. i also love how the flash makes mistake this also makes him more relatable.

The villians in this show are so good and i can’t wait to watch series 2 to see what the villians are going to be like throughout that season and if it is going to live up with this series. I love the side characters who work alongside Barry such as Cisco he is just so funny. talking about side characters I also loved the relationship between Barry and his foster dad Joe. it is just amazing how much love they both have for each other


Happy watching and if you have watched The  Flash season 1 please let me know your thoughts on it below in the comments?





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