Wired Leslie North

Hey guys today I am here with another book review

Wired (The Solomon Brothers Series Book 1) by [North, Leslie]Star quarterback Marcus Kingston lives and breathes football. He’s trusted his abilities and instincts to get him this far, but an injury last season nearly ended his career. When his coaches want him to wear biofeedback technology to analyze his game, Marcus thinks the idea is ridiculous. Plus, the mousy scientist behind the project knows nothing about sports, and she quickly gets under his skin. But with another QB waiting on the sidelines, Marcus can either agree to participate, or be benched—permanently.

Scientist Clare Wynifred values intellect above most things. With her brain constantly working, she has little interest in her appearance and zero interest in sports. She never imagined her wearable tech being used to improve someone’s game, but its success with the team could get her a military contract. Clare may be too late to save her brother, but her technology could save the lives of countless soldiers. She just has to make it work with the stubborn quarterback, and she’ll be one step closer to her goal.

Marcus and Clare butt heads at first, but their mutual attraction quickly grows. And yet, with everything to lose, it’s easy to ignore that together they might be able to go the distance.


Received this book for review from the publisher through netgally

I enjoyed this read it was very enjoyable. I loved the writing style and i also loved the premise of this story. The story follows Claire who is determined to get her new technology used by the military so that her brothers death won’t be in vain. Marcus is nearing the end of his career and is determined to prove that football is more about instincts than science. He is driven to rise above his troubled past.

I loved the connection between Claire and Marcus and i also loved Marcus and Claire and i cant’t wait to read more in this series. I love how real and genuine the characters are and how much they valued each other. I loved this and I will totally recommend this






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