Celi- Bet Leslie North

Hey guys today I am here with another book review for you.

Celi-bet (The Solomon Brothers Series Book 2) by [North, Leslie]NBA star Chase Holbrook’s reputation with women is as legendary as his court stats. But his best scores have always come when he’s focused on his jump shot, not on the ladies. With a teammate putting up close competition for the offensive record, Chase needs to prove that he was worth every penny of his high-dollar trade. To be the top-scoring player, Chase accepts a team bet to steer clear of women. Shouldn’t be a problem for ultra-competitive Chase—especially when he learns it’s the annoyingly cute team mascot who’s tasked with monitoring his every move.

Team mascot Willow “Bolt” Bend has always been one of the guys. So it’s no surprise when she’s asked to help ensure the integrity of the bet. Willow doesn’t want to get involved, but her hesitation is sidelined by her desire to learn if Chase is as shallow as she thinks. With a sick cousin who’s eager to meet him, Willow wants to know if a good person is hiding inside the notorious playboy. All she has to do is not take her eyes off the gorgeous man mountain and cry foul if he breaks his celibacy—easy, right?

The perky cheerleader has always gotten under Chase’s skin, but with the celi-bet well underway, Willow’s starting to get to Chase in ways no one expected. As the spark between them begins to ignite, the bet keeping them apart may just be the thing that pulls them together.



Received this book for review from the publisher through netgally

This was an amazing quick read that had me hooked from the very first page and i couldnt put my kindle down while reading this. This is the second book in a series check out my review for the first book here.

This installment follows Chase Holbrook who is an NBA superstar and underwear model and Willow Bend, adored team mascot are not friends and when Chase and teammate Tarek make a celi bet willow is assigned as his bet monitor. Chase is wealthy beyond his dreams and has almost forgotten his humble roots. Willow, who is virtually homeless and gives away every penny that she earns, pulls chase into her crazy life and shows him how to give back and have fun and makes him re-evaluate his life and worth.

I loved this book as i said i was hooked right from the start i also loved how vibrant, thoughtful and genuine Willow was and how just knowing her changed Chase for  the good. I loved chase and Willow as indiduals and especially as a couple i loved the connection that they have together and can’t wait to read the third installment of this series because i love Leslie North’s writing style.



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