Abby and the cute one Erin Buteler

Hey guys today I am here with another book review

Every member of Seconds to Juliet has a girlfriend—except for Nathan Strong. Now the Abby and the Cute One (Backstage Pass) by [Butler, Erin]band’s manager is leaning hard on “The Cute One” to play the role of the band’s heartthrob. With the band’s sales in decline, it’s up to Nathan to keep the fans’ fantasy alive.

The plan is to stage a fake relationship and a fake breakup, and then let the fans fight to be the one to mend Nathan’s broken heart. Just one problem. There’s another girl in the picture-one Nathan can’t stay away from. In private, Nathan’s stealing kisses with the band’s new opening act, Abby Curtis.

If they’re caught, no one wins. Abby will be fired, and the band might not recover the success they need to survive. But even with the pressure mounting, Nathan and Abby can’t stop themselves from stealing one more touch, one more kiss. And it’s only a matter of time before it all falls apart.



Received this book for review from the publisher through netgally

This book just lived up to the rest of the series and it kept me hooked and i couldnt put my kindle down while reading this one this is another of my favourites from the series and i will be checking out more work’s of Erin Butler as this was my first read from her and i loved this book.



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