Her ruthless russian Leslie North

Hey guys today I am here with another book review

Born into a Russian Mafia family, Vlad Karev is no stranger to violence but this time its 33629012personal. Someone has murdered his father and Vlad wants to dig deeper but he needs help from the owner’s daughter. The pretty redhead is far too innocent for a man like Vlad but he’ll do what it takes to get the information he needs. His obligations are to the family even if it means using the firey woman.

Madison O’ Conner works hard to keep her family’s gallery going although secretly she has little intrest in art. But when she discovers her father’s been laundering money for the Russian Mafia she’ll do anything she can to keep him out of jail. She hates to lie but she has a plan…seduce the Russian bad boy to learn the mobs secrets. Never mind his dangerous exterior or icy blue eyes, Madison’s going to get her family free of the mob even if she has to use Vlad Karev to do it. As the killer gets closer so do Vlad and Maddison. But is their connection just the means to an end or could their romance be real?


Recived this book from the publisher through netgally in exchange for an honest review

I have read and reviewed a few of Leslie Norths books and i always mention how i love the writing and this book was no exception. The premise of this book was intresting and i was hooked from the very first page and I couldn’t put my kindle down when it came to me sitting down to read and when i was not reading this book i was thinking about what was going to happen next to Madison and Vlad.

i loved Vlad and Madison i loved the relationship and i loved them both as individuls i enjoyed this book and i can’t wait to read the next installments in this series and more books that are written by leslie North.



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