Wed to you Jenna Harte

Hey guys today  I am here with another book review

Irresistible playboy, Jagger Talbot left his flashy life in New York to properly take care of Kaden, a little boy he vowed to raise, gaining custody when the Kaden’s father died and his mother ran off with another man. Starting over in Virginia seemed like the perfect beginning. But when the boy’s mother comes back, clean and sober, fighting for custody, Jagger knows he needs a miracle to prove he’s what the child needs.

That miracle is Chelsea Beemer, sweet, perky kindergarten teacher. Down and out, and no stranger to tragedy, Chelsea is on the verge of losing her family home. She’d do anything to save the house—and herself—even marry the sexy playboy. Now it’s up to them to “play house” and convince everyone that they have perfect little family. But are any of them really pretending?


Recived this book from the publisher through netgally in exchange for an honest review

Wed to you is the third book in a series and this was the first book that I have read in that series and it was amazing i will be going back and reading the first two in this series.

I loved the sexual tension between bother Jagger and Chelsea. I enjoyed at times how Jagger would say the wrong thing when it started to get interesting and they ended up being back at square one. Chelsea was a sweet and she did have her guard up.

I did feel for Jagger at times as he has never been loved or wanted to be loved so he fights for that person that has become his whole world. I love how Chelsea brings peace and happiness and love in bis lonely life.

This is the first book that I have read by Jenna Harte and i loved the writing of this i couldn’t put my kindle down while reading this book and when i wasn’t reading this i was thinking about Chelsea and Jagger.



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