The Flash Season 2 Review

hey guys today I am here with my review of The Flash Season 2

The Flash if you didn’t know follows the story of Barry Allen who wakes up nine monthsImage result for The flash after he was struck by lightning and discovers that the bolt give him the power of super speed. With his new team and powers. Barry becomes ‘the flash; and fights crime in Central City

I have a post on season one discussing my thoughts of that season if you havent seen that post read it here



Having loved season 1 i was excited to watch The Flash season 2. I felt the season was stronger overall. I loved the character development of all the characters and the challenges that they had to overcome especially zoom and the metahumans that he sends to the city.

I loved Barry’s character development as he becomes more grounded in what he has to do, I also love Cisco as he embraces the powers that he is and Caitlyn discovers what she is capable of after devastating losses time and time again. I also love how Iris becomes part of team Flash especially after surving a loss of her own/

And as always i loved the cross- overs with Team Arrow. The pace of this show felt faster this team around seeing as we didn’t need backstory worked into every episode.

I am currently upto date with season 3 of the flash and when that is finished i will write a post discussing my thoughts on that series.




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