Broken Sinclair Jayne

Hey guys today I am here with another book review

Lane Duke, game designer and mogul, is carving the edge of his company’s most advanced release just days away. Excitement and tension are jacked tight. The future is wide open. Until he sees his past rise out of the Pacific in a barely there bikini, and 12 years disappear in a blink.

Luz De Luna doesn’t want to dig up the past and Lane is her past with a capital P. Newly divorced, she’s returned to San Clemente to bury some ghosts, but it’s hard to move on when the path to personal redemption is blocked by the one man who won’t forgive and she can’t forget.



Received this book for review from the publishers through netgalley.

I loved this book I have read a few books by Sinclair Jayne and this book was no exception the writing was just as beautiful as the previous novels that I have read. I was hooked by the very first page and I couldn’t put my kindle down while reading this I loved the romance in this novel and I loved the characters as individuals



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