Once Upon A Time Season 1 review

Hey guys today I am here to tell you my thoughts on season one of Once Upon a time as i recently binge watched it

If you don’t know what Once Upon A time is about it follows Emma Swan a bail bonds Image result for once upon a time season 1 postercollector who has always been a fiercly independent person since being abandoned as a baby. Her son Henry who she gave up for adoption years ago finds and tries to convince Emma that she is Snow White’s missing daughter. Henry shows Emma that in the fairytale Prince Charming and Snow sent her away to protect he. Emma doesn’t believe and takes Henry back to storybrooke


I love this show it is stunning. I loved the writing throughout this season and i also loved the acting. The premise of this show as intresting and that was what made me check out the show. I loved how the show had flashbacks throughout between the enchanted forest and storybrooke which was full of intresting information about the characters at times.  I loved the magic, mystrey and adventure in this and as well i loved the twist on the fairytales throughout.


If you have watched this please let me know what you think in the comments

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