Hot Shot Karina Halle

Hey guys today I am here with another book review

Title HotShot

Author Karina Halle

Publication Date January 9th 2018

Genre Romance

Format eBook




If love is friendship set on fire, then theirs is about to go up in flames 36406469__SY475_

Delilah Gordon has a secret.

She’s been in love with her best friend and the boy next door, Fox Nelson, since she was six years old.

And while most of her friends and family know about her unrequited crush, the one person who remains oblivious is Fox himself. To Delilah, it’s better this way. She’d rather pretend that they’re just friends, even though her feelings for the moody, rugged mountain man are anything but tame.

Fox Nelson has a secret too. As a wildland firefighter or “hot shot,” Fox parachutes into danger every day he’s on the job, risking all to fight wildfires that threaten ranches, forests and thousands of lives. But while Fox’s job is only for the brave, inside he feels anything but. The more he grapples with his raging demons, the more he realizes Delilah is the only one who can put out the flames.

As the two friends grow closer – and more intimate – than ever before, the more complicated their relationship becomes.
And Delilah has one more secret to reveal.

A secret that will change both their lives…forever



I absolutely love a friends to lovers story! Hot Shot was an intense slow burn romance- The storyline was written so well…
It took me a while to fall for Fox, he was a difficult character to understand.  Del on the other hand, I loved her! I felt her pain and her disappointment.
No one said a friends to lovers story was going to be an easy one but damn! There were times when I was reading this book where I felt like it was a train wreck that was bound to happen! And times where I went “Poor Poor Del! My God!”
The frustration level in this book is high!High people! not only because it’s angst, heartbreak galore but also because FOX NELSON is a stupid man! MEN!!! ugh!
Thank you baby Jesus! Who finally decided to intervene and add some common sense into this man! hahaha! I think once that happened, I actually really liked him. Hahaha

Hot Shot is definitely my favorite of the three novels in this fantastic series. Of course, I loved the previous two books (and its characters!) but I felt the strongest connection with this outstanding couple and the feelings their love story gave me. This book is a tad darker than the other ones: it has more angst and it surely doubles the emotions! Fox and his broken soul will make you want to mend him and consequently love him to pieces and Delilah.. Delilah is such a strong heroine guys. She suffers so much for not being with Fox and for not being able to help him (because he does not want to see what is happening to him). God, my poor heart could not take it. I never cried this much while reading!

Now, leaving aside for a moment the roller coaster of emotions, I have to mention how much I loved Fox and Del as a couple. Yes, their friendship is great, the moments with the Nelson family are too and I always love a good friends to lovers romance but when Fox finally sees Delilah in a new light, you will melt into a puddle! There are so many heartbreaking and emotional moments between them but there is also lots of love and oh-yes lots of chemistry too! Finally, they start to become what it was always meant to be and I died! These two together are explosive and when you mix that with a hot dirty talker and that strong of a connection it just makes your heart sing (and your panties melt! lol).

And it’s impossible for me not to go back to the emotional part of Hot Shot because everything gets even more sentimental when Del discovers she has to hide a new secret that will change their lives forever. Oh boy, things get extremely complicated then! You’ll see a new side to both main characters. A side that will not always make you happy. A side that will leave you at the edge of your sit with all the heartbreaking stuff that happens. But that is what makes this book such a great piece of writing. Because you have to see its characters go through everything (the good and the bad) to get to their happy ever after. And after so much suffering, Fox and Delilah definitely deserve it!

Therefore, I am rating Hot Shot with 5 STARS because Karina Halle delivered what her fans expected from this book: a great storyline, a couple that will not leave you indifferent, lots of chemistry and so many emotions. I loved how everything ended, I loved seeing all these characters so happy. The Nelsons and their loved ones surely deserve all the happiness in the world. Again, Karina created a fantastic list of characters and a series that I absolutely adored. I can’t wait to see what is next! Highly recommend this incredible love story and the whole North Ridge series!







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