How I rate and review books

Hey everyone!

I wanted to make a post for anyone who was wondering how I rate and review books ….

Ok, here goes. I do not tell you guys about every book I read. I only tell you about the ones that I either LOVE or like a whole lot.

The reason for this is I like to keep the vibe of my blog positive. If I’m reading
a book and I’m just not feeling it I’ll honestly just stop and move on to something else.

I’ve changed the way I’ve done things over the years (for example: I used to review everything I read) but at this point I generally only feel motivated to review books if they make me want to talk  about them. Why? Because there are literally SO many books out there that I want to spend my time on the ones I feel passionately about.

If I don’t enjoy, I’ll simply quietly move on. And I’ll keep searching and reading and then when I find the next one that makes my heart RACE. I’ll make one of those excited posts you’re all used to seeing about how much I loved it. But I really wanted to clarify that I do NOT throw around high ratings and I don’t like (or even finish) every book I read.

I’m really picky about the books I love but my general blog policy is that I’m loud about what I love and quiet about what I don’t. That’s NOT at all the way I think all blogs should be nor it is a judgment on anyone who does things differently. This is simply the way that keeps me happy, keeps my blog environment positive and also essentially makes my blog more into a “recommendations zone” rather then a straight up chroniocle of my reading life…

For anyone who was wondering, I hope this helps explain things :)